Monday, September 6, 2010

Several Secrets of Looking Good

Heading out to a networking event is frustrating enough as it is. Figuring out what to wear adds extra stress that often tempts you to give up going out at all. Well, never again feel frightened by the prospect of looking loserish compared to others. Here are some secrets that can help you take the stress from your chest!

Play Follow the Leaders…

Who are the leaders you admire? What do you often see them wearing? You might not be able to afford exactly what they wear, but at least you can mimic them in certain styles. It’s amazing what a person can create on a budget. If you’ve got the cash, spare nothing. Do it right, and do it like success-already people.

If you feel a bit goofy mimicking someone else, then tweak the style with a little touch of YOU. Wear unique socks or shoes that match your brand, the image you want to project and leave in the minds of those you’re meeting.

The key to this is…

Wear whatever you wear with confidence…

Confidence is the magic ingredient to anything you wear. Dennis Rodman used to care little what others thought. He knew he was awesome, and so the clothes he wore mattered little. Same for Madonna, or many of the stars we see parading about in magazines and television shows. Be confident, and you can darn near wear anything at all.

Finally, dress as you want to be seen….remembered….considered….thought of.

What is your brand? Who are you wanting to be remembered as? What is your industry, and what message are you wanting to send? If you see yourself as the ever professional, then wear clothes accordingly. Shorts, a button down, a tie and a coat are cool if you’re a young rockstar who’s actually getting paid: if you are a young marketing executive, this might not be best for you.

So now you have a couple things to consider when you’re debating whether to go out or not. Not should NOT be the action you’re looking for. Instead, OUT should be. Go out, look good, meet cool people, and change your life.

If you’re interested in the basics of style, check out this article in FORBES.

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