Saturday, September 4, 2010

How To Tell The Truth And Still Get The Job

STOP! Think for a second. What’s the best way to get a job? If you’re anything like me, you probably answered “by presenting my best self, my most positive self, the most outstanding version of me I know how to present!” If you’re not like me, you probably said something different.

So what did you say?

A brilliantly written resume? Having the right skills? Being a perfect match to what the company needs?

Truth is, these ARE vital. But they’re far from being the single most important way to get the job you want.

The single most important thing you can do to get a job is sell yourself in the MOST exceptionally honest way possible.

What do I mean?

Well, each of you has experienced a lot of life. You have worked at a variety of jobs, attended university, engaged in extracurricular activities, and you’ve experienced a whole library full of varied circumstances and events. In short, you’ve lived a charmed life.

The only trouble is….you fail to recognize the gold mine you’re living with. You are failing to see the REAL truth.

If you were asked to describe the details of your previous job, many of you would probably give a list of specific things you do for your company.

The question you should be asking yourself, is if you’re telling the right version of the truth? Are you selling the BEST VERSION OF YOU?

So many people write or speak meekly about themselves. They write or speak in a way that seems appropriate and accurate. They say things like, “I want to leave my current company because I feel I can help another company better than my current company.

Or worse, they speak negatively about themselves. “I want to leave my current company because they don’t appreciate me. I work so hard, yet do not feel appreciated for my diligence and effort. I want to be appreciated.”

Both these answers are somewhat commendable, because they are the truth. (We’ll assume). Yet, are they the right version of the truth?

FACT: the truth has many faces.

Most of you feel afraid of a meaningful version of the truth, a confident version of the truth about yourself and your experience.

What's happened, is that you’ve lost the imaginative sense of story that we can use to interpret the meaning in our lives and our journey.

TRUTH: To be a really hot commodity, regaining this attitude or perspective is seriously necessary.

As you think about this, consider this rewriting of the above interview answer:
“I’ve spent the last three years with XXX company. I’ve provided them with my best as far as my commitment and effort are concerned. They’ve had the benefit of a young person who’s persuasive skills and interpersonal relational abilities helped increase their overall sales and overall growth.

It’s my passion to be committed to the development and expansion of the companies I work for. However, I feel XXX has reached a plateau. Yet I myself still want to push and move and expand. I love to find new ways of reaching out to serve customers and to help a company grow. And that’s what I’m looking for.

I want to help companies grow. In fact, I see it as a mission in my life.

To become a part of your company would be a perfect match for me. You’re a growing organization that’s committed to innovative development of high quality services and products. I want to help.”
Same answer as the ones above, yet…..different.


One is telling the truth in a fresh and exciting THEM oriented way. The third example looks at the reasons for leaving their company in a very positive and enthusiastic way. Here the person concerns herself with the meaning behind what she is doing, she focuses on the deeper reason for her choice.

Each of you can take a lesson from this.

You must search for the meaning in your own experiences.

FACT: Meaning is truth!!!

Many of you probably object to this idea. You may think, a) speaking in a "wow wow" way is not my style. Or, b) this type of spin is B.S., I should be ashamed of myself.

Yet, consider this: Coca-Cola both tastes great and rots a persons teeth. Yet, to sell Coca-cola, advertisers refuse to focus on the negative truth. Instead they focus on the positive truth. They sell a positive version of what is real. They sell the meaning! The sensual.

Is this wrong?

Is it especially wrong when you are looking for work in a world where there are 1000 people applying for the same job you’re applying for?


Unique positive honesty is a PROVEN key to success. It's been scientifically studied. It’s a MUST-DO way to tell the truth so you get the job!

Yes it takes bravery to practice. Therefore, developing such bravery should be a major priority for you. Because, fear of being arrogant or vain or overexaggerational block you from the proper degree of spin required to be HOT.

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