Tuesday, September 7, 2010

How to Make a Super-Huge Impression At Any Networking Event

There are many theories and opinions on what can make you a great networker. They seem to boil down to two things you have the absolute ability to control: your attitudes and your actions.

It is your attitudes and actions during networking situations that ultimately determine WHO remembers you, HOW they remember you, and whether or not they want to CONTINUE to remember you.

Tim Tyrell-Smith (Click Here) (here also) has some fantastic tips on attitudes and actions we can adopt to improve our networking effectiveness. One of his tips is particularly brilliant. Basically make it a goal of your networking effort to commit to being completely selfless for at least part of the event you are attending.

What he means by this is that you “Take Selfless Action”.

He recommends we go to events with the purpose of ONLY helping other people. (He says that if that is too tall an order, you should try and at least make a goal of helping 5 people).

What does he mean by this?

Simply, try to find the new people at the meeting. Try and befriend the shy ones. People struggle with how to strike up conversations with strangers, especially if they are new to the situation. So, take that pressure off of them, and LET IT START WITH YOU! Be the catalyst that makes a difference in someone’s experience of the event.

You can offer to show them around, and to introduce them to people. You can ask them questions that focuses only on their needs. Stay away from thoughts and ideas that ultimately relate to your own needs and wants. Make your mark by helping another person get what they want: contacts, information, friends.

Tyrell-Smith says that doing this is absolutely NOT a waste of time. If you really think about it, you’ll be inclined to agree. Take the time to introduce a stranger to a bunch of people, and you’ve made their night remarkable. Who was responsible for that? You!

So make a super huge impression at any networking event by being a host, a friend, a guide. Act Selflessly. Focus on someone other than you.

If nothing else, you’ll feel great for having given your guts to make another person feel good. …and sometimes that’s reward enough.

Any thoughts??? Leave a comment.


  1. Hey Michael - Thanks for spreading the word on this idea. It really is powerful and i hope your post inspires others to give it a try. All the best!

  2. Tim...Thanks for reading and for writing. You've got great ideas. Cheers!

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