Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The 2nd Biggest Reason To Stay Away from Social Media

“Stop using social media,” writes Fast Company reporter Austin Carr. “Today, employers are no longer just searching Google for information on applicants—they’re commissioning companies to do professional social media background checks….some 8% of companies have ALREADY FIRED SOCIAL MEDIA MISCREANTS”.

Holy Bat Beaks, Batman!!! Those are some pretty strong words from a writer writing in one of the worlds most tech/biz savvy magazines. Are we supposed to listen? Not sure.

You’ve all heard horror stories like this. You all know you’re supposed to keep yourself squeaky clean online when it comes to getting jobs and networking. ….right? Hope so.

Reality is, social media is serious. What you say and are seen doing can and will be held against you. Even if it’s deleted, companies like Social Intelligence Corp. in Santa Barbara, California are skilled at data digging into your history to find out about you.

Is it fair? Of course not. But “fair” has nothing to do with it. Social media can be your worst future enemy if you’re not careful.

Oh, but it’s only 8%....

Only 8%??? From when? Four years ago it was 0%! Three years later what will it be? 16% ...okay, logically, that’s rather fatalistic and guessy…but, I’m just saying…

Big Brother is watching!

Don’t you hate when people say things like that? I do. Instead, let’s call it Lester. LESTER is watching you! …ahhh, that sounds better. LESTER sounds like a buddy, a pal, a friend from way back. Hmmm…sounds a bit like a sicko too, but….

Your future career depends in large part on your brand. Your brand depends in large part on the image you convey. The image you convey depends in large part on what you DON’T say as it does on what you do say. (Or Do).

So, be careful when it comes to social media stuff. Remember that what you write or are seen doing can and will effect your hireability. But, a company cannot use against you what it does not know. …or can it?

So what’s the 3rd Biggest reason to stay away from social media?

The wiretap laws currently being debated. Obama wants to make it so monitoring real-time social network communication is a legal right for law enforcement agents. That means that what I do online can be even more an issue in years to come.

Are you a downloader/freeloader? In other words, do you steal movies and music? That is considered criminal. If the legislation happens, will downloading illegal stuff be punishable by prison? …jobs don’t mean much if you’re in prison.

Note to self….stop stealing episodes of BREAKING BAD. ….but damn that show is really really good!!!

Then what’s the biggest reason to stay away from social media?

That’s easy. It’s a time suck. Those stupid games on Facebook KILL ME!!!! …I wonder if playing Farmville will knock me out of any chance I have for getting that job with Facebook or IBM? …hmmm. What about Starbucks?

So here's what you should do.

Stop putting pictures of yourself taking weed or beer hits from a bong.
Stop stealing movies and music.
Stop playing with Social Media.
...but if you just can't stop...then at least work on creating the best image of you that you possibly can.

The result….you’ll get a job. …right?

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  1. That said, does the Tiger obsession — and the obsession, really, with “stars” of any kind reach a different level in Minnesota than it does in most other places? That is to say, is there something inherently Minnesotan about wanting to get a piece of someone famous thesis and, in turn, wanting that famous person to like us?


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