Sunday, August 22, 2010

What Is A Hot Commodity?

Today I’m going to officially define what it means to be a HOT Commodity.

A hot commodity is:

Someone who realizes that the job search is their responsibility. It is someone who knows that no one can do for them what they themselves must do for themselves.

A hot commodity takes all the action necessary to get the job they want. No one will give their dream to them, they have to go out and make it happen. Action is the key.

A hot commodity is someone who knows that attitude is everything. Positive attitude, enthusiastic attitude, and can-do attitudes are awesome attitudes to have, and that these are often the main selling point for getting a job, and for being promoted once you’ve got the job.

A hot commodity knows that they themselves are a product. They realize that a company is not a job provider, but is a kind of consumer. A company is like a person buying a product to use to make their own life better. We are the product, and we are what will make the companies life better. Knowing this, we need to be aware of how we can make a companies life better. So, we need to know ourselves, and create ourselves to be what a company needs.

A hot commodity knows we need to sell ourselves! Sell Sell Sell!!! We will not be given a job, we must prove ourselves for a job. We must win a job! A hot commodity knows the power of focus. They know that purpose sells. They know that knowing what we want, and why we want it are powerful ways to sell ourselves in an interview.

A hot commodity knows that a resume and cover letter are marketing tools. They need to be designed to persuade a company to try us out in an interview. A hot commodity knows that these need to be written with powerful verbs, they need to be targeted to sell the gifts we bring to the company. They need to highlight how you the job hunter can help the company.

Targeted resumes, each uniquely designed to fit perfectly with each company we are applying to. In general, they’ve taken time to study what makes a great resume.
They also know what is expected on different kinds of resume. For example, an international companies requirements compared to a domestic company’s requirements.

A hot commodity uses powerful words in their resume. They follow the art of advertising copywriting, and create a wonderful masterpiece.
They also know the difference between a CV and a Resume. And they have one of each in case either is needed.

A hot commodity knows the power of a network. They take action to develop and improve their networks. They take action to make new networks. They are always providing a service to their network. They are trying to establish themselves as a resource person.

A hot commidty knows that a network is usually the key to fantastic jobs! Word of mouth is the best marketing tool in the world!
A hot commodity uses the time they have wisely. They realize that finding a job is a fully time job.

A hot commodity uses the hunting time to get busy doing things that can increase their value and marketability. IF they have yet to find work, they are busy exercising—so they can look great. They are busy taking classes to learn how to better speak English, or do certain things on a computer. They are volunteering. They are getting experience. They are busy doing things that can help build the stories of accomplishment and success they need to persuade an employer of their value.

A hot commodity works on improving their story telling abilities. They recognize the importance of the ability to tell a story that has meaning, and sells their abilities well. They also know the importance of telling a “why I am here” story during the self introduction.

A hot commodity is generally working on developing their communication skills. Persuasive skills. Interpersonal skills.
A hot commodity does not give up. They realize that failure is a big part of learning and growing.

A hot commodity realizes that sometimes not getting the job we want means we will find the job we need. As well, sometimes a hot commodity realizes that sometimes not getting the job we want means we must try harder.

And, a hot commodity knows that though it is difficult to try harder, they are willing to do it. Because it’s what they want. And the effort is worth it!
A hot commodity knows how to relax.

If they are currently unable to find work, they don’t beat themselves up. Instead, they learn to enjoy the time.

A hot commodity has studied and researched both the companies they are interested in working for, the industry, and the profession they are looking to work in.
They have a solid understanding of the culture differences between an international company and a domestic one. They determine which place best suits their goals, interests, and personality.

A hot commodity knows how to conduct themselves in an interview. They also have a good idea of what not to do. They’ve studied both sides. They have practiced and practiced and practiced. And….they are also ready for strange questions, and for unexpected questions. They’ve taken time to get good at answering questions on the spot, impromptu, off the cuff.

A hot commodity is someone who realizes the importance of self-esteem and confidence. They do what they need to do to improve theirs.

A hot commodity knows how to listen. And they know how to say thank you.

So, thanks for reading.

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