Monday, August 23, 2010

Good News For The Not-So Good Looking

According to an article published by the AFP, good looking women are at a disadvantage.


The article discussed research published in the Journal of Social Psychology. The research concludes that good looking women are at a disadvantage for those jobs considered masculine. In jobs such as truck driver, construction supervisor, prison guard, director of security, and hardware salesperson beautiful women are almost unanimously disregarded based solely on their looks.

This is such awesome news! At last there is something a beautiful woman can’t get easily. …of course, how many beautiful women do you know who are dying to get a job as a welder, a tow truck driver, or a tug boat captain? If your daughter told you she wanted to be hardware salesperson, you’d probably raise your eye brows, run out and buy her three or four more Barbies, right?

Well, I’d recommend you do that, because the research proves that beautiful girls are still getting more jobs than those considered not so beautiful when it comes to “feminine jobs”. (Of course, I wonder exactly what they mean by feminine?)

The sad news, however, is that for men….looks matter no matter what the job. Good looking dudes are almost always favored.

This makes me wonder why more guys aren’t going for plastic surgery.

Women have a large amount of jobs waiting for them if they’d just let themselves go. Instead they kill themselves with plastic surgery to struggle for a job that a zillion other natural beauties are hunting for. It’s a waste of money.

Instead, keep your looks, and just change your attitude. Become a prison guard today. The last I heard it was one of the top 10 job prospects in America.

As for the guys, here’s the number of a local plastic surgeon.

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