Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Thought You Can’t Afford To Miss

I’m a Tom Peters junkie. I think his writings, his ideas, his wisdom are some of the most important gifts. We the X & Y & Cyber generations would do well to read and re-read the stuff he has to say.

Most of what he writes these days centers on the delivery of excellence in everything we do. I am only guessing at his primary assumption, but it seems he feels that quality and excellence in business, service and life have generally declined over the past years.

His generation, I’d like to say, may have started it. BUT SO WHAT??? His generation, and those of the generation above him have a work ethic that we, the XYC’s, really need to look at and begin mimicking. At least, the good parts. Namely, we need to mimic their commitment to excellence.

My grandfathers generation kicked ass when it came to work. Yes people sucked at work back then too, but for the most part, I believe that the work ethic of those folks, the commitment to delivering value, creating value far exceeds our own.

Some may say with whiny pouty faces, but they didn’t teach us. It’s their fault. Bullshiznitz! It’s nobody’s fault. Life happens. And we are the ones who need to adjust. We need to drop the whiny pouty faces, and learn the art of joyful giving. We need to drop the greed, drop the hyper-super-me-ism and get to work putting the world back together. We need to stop the griping, and start creating something that a machine can’t guarantee…high quality, high value, high excellence in everything we do!

Why? Because if we keep grubbing for money, keep doing only for me me me….things are going to fall down. America is going to fall down. …further.

We need to start looking at what truly makes us a hot commodity. It’s our hearts! Our hearts and the choices we make. It’s the commitment to character. Choices for the betterment of our character. Choices that help everyone! Not just help the bottom line! Trust the natural laws of life, people. Make choices in line with them.

I’m getting off track.

For the next few weeks, I’ll be focusing on some of the thoughts of Tom Peters from his newest book LITTLE BIG THINGS! Buy it! It’s awesome.

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